Artist Collabs

At whitete, we want to showcase local artists who share our passion for our planet. Together, we come up with a design to print on our 100% recycled te.s that highlights our earth and what makes it so special.

'What goes around comes around' - Connie MacFadden

Glaswegian artist Connie MacFadden has designed the 'what goes around, comes around collection'. Connie feels that it is important that we move away from fast fashion. Climate change is the most important issue of our time and there seems to be a lack of action from our leaders,

So we must take that action ourselves. Connie's angry octopus highlights the impact that human activity is having on our oceans & the animals who call it their home. The angry octopus has had enough and is after vengeance for what we have done.

You can check out Connie's other work on her Instagram.

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