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At Totally Ethical our aim is to recycle and reuse the earths existing materials through sustainable fashion. Through reusing resources and materials we can help to create a future that is beneficial to both us and our planet, a sustainable future. 2020 saw the world produce a devastating 400 million tonnes of new plastic. This not only attributes to climate change but the global plastic problem that we face. Progressively, as the years have gone on, we have produced more and more plastic and consequently more waste than we know what to do with. The fashion industry, currently, is producing an estimated 150 million pieces of clothing per year resulting in around 150 million tonnes of CO2 being pumped into our atmosphere. As the years and decades go on we see a steady increase in the amount of plastic going to waste. In 2020 over 380 tonnes were wasted and of this number only 9% was recycled, the rest was sent to be incinerated, to landfill sites or ultimately to our oceans. These statistics reflect the starkness of our future, as scientists predict that by the year 2050 there could be little to no life left in the oceans.

Totally ethical exists because of these reasons. Every part of your te. is recycled. All of our te. products are made from off cuts of organic cotton that is then blended from ocean bound recycled polyester to create a classic pieces. We are, and will continue to be, a zero waste brand. Everything we do is done with the our planet in mind, from our plant-able tags to our compostable packaging. We endeavour to prevent waste going to our oceans and impacting out planet.

Let’s Save The World Together

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